Come accorgersi se il telefono è sotto controllo

Telephone under control: 5 ways to notice it

Our privacy is at risk every day more. Whether if it’s a hacker attack, of a professional competitor or a jealous partner, from the police, the people that are being spied are getting more and more. The fault is probably on the evolution of technology that, if on one hand simplifies our life, on the other it made so easy to infiltrate into somebody else’s device. You just need to install a spy software (or spyware), which means a spy program, in order to get into a device and get in control of it, recording calls, messages and emails. And not just that: because some of these spywares are capable of locating our position, using the GPS coordinates, which allows the intruders to know where we are in every moment.

Until a few years ago, to keep under control the phone required a physical action and moreover, the wiretaps were made by the police: the smartphone, in other words had to be stolen from the owner and connected with a portable PC, or a computer. Today, instead, it is possible to complete this procedure also by remote, with just a few and trivial informatics information. Nevertheless, there are several developed softwares, for example, to control their children’s smartphone: these, if installed in the smartphone of an adult without his or her knowledge, they perfectly do their job as spies. So, how do we notice if our phone is under somebody’s control? And what are the suspected symptoms? Let’s find it out!

Codes to digit if you want to know whether the phone is under control

Doing a fast online research, it’s easy to face articles that point out some codes to insert on your phone to understand if it is under control. Let’s make it clear, from the beginning, that these codes are useless. Normally, these codes are used for visualising e IMEI code of the mobile phone, or to verify if the voicemail is active or not.

From interferences to the excessive consumption of the credit

The victims of the wiretaps rarely notice what is happening, because the phones work anyways. Some clues permit, nonetheless, to understand if we have the phone under control. You just need to pay attention to the strange anomalies that sometimes or often occur. It’s not certain that it’s because of spywares, but since it could be, it’s important to deepen. These are five suspected signals on what we suggest you to shed some light, in case of doubt.

Abnormal life of battery

One of the typical signs of an under control phone is the abnormal life of battery. Does the phone get overheated also when it’s in standby and the battery lasts less than usual? The reason is due to the background function of the spy software, which consumes so much energy, in order to act without any interruption. To verify an effective change of the energy demand, we suggest you to proceed with a strict check, using dedicated web apps to test the battery. Among the most valid ones, we have Battery Life per iPhones, and AccuBattery for Androids, both able to record the consumptions and highlight this way eventual criticalities of the system.

Sudden malfunctions of the mobile phone

It’s strange but true: the devices that are under control often behave in an unusual way. Through the possible sudden malfunctions, we remember the sudden changes of the volume level, rustling in the background, little electrical discharges and displays that switch on without a reason. It is clear that a single episode can’t be considered as symptomatic, but if during the day (or the night) the malfunctions repeat and mount up, that’s when you need to accept the actual presence of spyware’s and act consequently, to know if you have the phone under control.

Interferences and noises

Very often, the spywares that keep the phones under control are responsible for interferences on TV, radio and other long-distance communication devices. An empirical system to know if somebody has access to our smartphone is to switch it off and get it close to one of these electrical devices. Eventual interferences are a wake-up call because they tell us that, also with the phone off, there are frequencies connected to the action of the spy softwares. The signal-jamming looks, in this case, like a decline of the audiovisual signal, in proximity of the mobile phone.

On and off unusually slow

The fourth sign is quite frequent in an intercepted phone and it is linked to the switch on and off phase. The under control phones can result particularly slow and complicated, during The power on and off. Unfortunately, this is a symptom due also to other factors, like the simultaneous opening of different apps. That’s why it’s not always easy to notice the anomaly: in this case, we suggest you to do a good cleaning of useless apps on the phone, to close the unused ones, to optimize the ignition (perhaps with free devices like StartUp Cleaner) and just after that, to verify if the problem persists (if more than 10-15 sec).

Keep an eye on the credit and on the rate plans

That’s right, the spy programs can even work on the remaining credit of your rechargeable rate plans, as well as on the consumptions of minutes, SMS and Internet traffic. This is obviously linked to the transmission of the intercepted data, which travel on the same broadband, offered by the telephonic companies towards the hands of the spy. Among all the symptoms, that’s maybe the most significant clue but this doesn’t mean it’s the easiest to identify: it would be enough to keep the phone inactive for 48h and verify the consumption of internet or credit, but most likely, there would be a related minimum activity of the spyware… so, without any kind of consumption! Then, how can we defend ourselves?

The solutions to protect your mobile phone

The rule n.1 to protect your phone is to avoid leaving it unattended. It would only take a few moments to allow a stranger to install a spyware or another type of control software. If we attend public places or companies with plenty of employees and externs, it’s appropriate to get really secure passwords, not just to power on the phone but to access to some resources as well. Strategies that normal prevention, but that not always are adopted and, unfortunately, are not efficient every single time.
If the damage has already been done or if you have already noticed at your phone has one or more suspected symptoms, the only way to safeguard your privacy is to rely on the professionality of true specialists of cybersecurity. Thanks to precise analysis and scannings, it is possible to individuate and block the spywares and to restore the situation of the security before the attack. 

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