Telegram Whatsapp Crypty Talk qual è la app migliore

Telegram, WhatsApp or CryptyTalk: the best business app

Telegram, WhatsApp or CryptyTalk are apps that are easy to use, but which is the safest one?

Let’s be honest: how many people use one or more instant messagging app every day? Telegram and WhatsApp, for instance, are the most used apps by the non-business public and they can be considered as the most functional for this target.

Nevertheless, not everyone knows that these apps can be really useful as well in our own working activity field.

Think that there is, in fact, a specific business version of Whatsapp, which can be used by small business owners, just like Telegram.
Today, we want to talk specifically about the possibility to carry out and to manage your business through these instant messaging tools, although paying attention to another app, which is CryptyTalk, that guarantees a high level security for what concernes communications exchanged through your own devices.

Let’s see these three apps and study their specific functions designed for business, by comparing them.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is a free app, specifically designed for small companies.

Thanks to it, the company can crete its own profile with all the necessary information for the clients, such as address, activity description, e-mail address and web site.

It is possible to make a catalog that shows their products and services and to immediately communicate with clients, using the tools provided by the app to automate, order and answer the messages.

Therefore, WhatsApp Business allows the companies to provide assistance to customers by eliminating call center barriers and telephone waiting, as well as sending them notifications to keep them up to date.

Another important information is the one related to quick answers, which gives the possibility to memorize and re-use the most frequent sent messages, in order to answer faster to the most common questions.

Still reffering to replying messages, it’s possible to pre-set automatic messages, so that, when you are not able to reply in the immediate to the received messages, it will be the app itself to send an automatic message to be sent to customers.

Think that you can also create a welcome message, in order yo present your activity to potential clients!

To organize contacts and chats, then, you can comfortably resort to labels, which allow you to locate more easily chat and contacts.


Telegram is an app that works with mega groups, chatbots and channels and that’s why it can be really useful for business and companies.

In this case as well, the purpose is to shorten distances with customers and interface with them in a more direct and immediate way

The developers themselves defined Telegram as an application in between an instant messaging app and an email channel and, in fact, that’s what it stands for.

Telegram can be used in a corporate field as an internal communication channel, for example, to update employees, but also as an external communication channel, in order to be a stepping stone to reach customers.

Inside the channels, it’s possible to send one-way messages, where just the admin can write contents: this is essential in the marketing field, because, in this way, the company can create an environment where to forward a communication plan in broadcast, in a way that the users have the possibility to willingly subscribe with a shared link, without mentioning that just administration can see the members list to its channel.

The mega group, instead, permits to create wide communities, up to a hundred thousand users, so that the company can communicate quickly with a huge audience of current and potential customers. In this case, there is bidirectionality of messages, so much so that many companies are using this system as a sort of tailor-made help desk.

Moreover, with Telegram you can share every kind of file, whether if it’s MP4, pdf, images, GIF or other formats up to a maximum of 1.5 GB, which basically implies that there are no share limits, especially if you consider that Telegram gives the possibility to compress files you want to send as well.

Another Telegram’s tool is chatbots, which are unhuman users, that make automatic operations, based on the command received as an HTTP request. There are two types of bot: the stand alone bot, which consists in an independent chat where the user send commands; inline bot, that is recalled from other chats by typing @ followed by the bot’s name to recall.

Business throughTelegram and WhatsApp

When we talk about Telegram and WhatsApp, we’re dealing with apps that are opposites: on one hand, we have WhatsApp, one of the most used apps every day with its 31 million users and growing after entering the world of Facebook, which works with small groups; on the other hand, we have Telegram, a much less known app by “only” 13 million users, working as a mass channel.

Nevertheless, these two platforms are getting more and more closer, while WhatsApp is still an app to join people and Telegram is an app for a more professional use: while the first is approaching the business world, the second was designed and prepared for this.

Crypty Talk

What can we say, instead, about Crypty Talk?

Much less spread and known compared to the other two, this app is clearly distinguished from these by a particular aspect: safety.

Indeed, if it’s true that the instant messaging apps that we talked about are perfect for a marketing operation, in order to keep their clients updated and directly in contact, it is also true that those aren’t totally safe apps when we’re talking about privacy.

If we want to focus on security, in fact, the only one of the three apps that really guarantee shelter from potential interceptions is actually CryptyTalk.

This permits to its users to keep a full privacy and to keep away from prying ears every aspect, from chats, to exchanged files on clouds and to calls.

A peculiar feature of CryptyTalk is that it uses an encryption with a military-type system and a VPN.

In this way, it is possible for the user to be located in a place completely different from its actual location.
In addition, no subject, nor the owners of the server of the app, are able to trace the data of the user, their conversations, chats and calls, as there are no backdoors in the system.
In conclusion, in order to really keep your company’s data and your business safe, the most efficient solution is resorting to CryptyTalk!
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