Come spiare whatsapp

Spying WhatsApp: how to do it and how to protect your privacy

Have you ever thought of spy someone else’s WhatsApp?

Actually, spying WhatsApp is a quite easy operation: you’ll be able to read the conversations of other people.
Let’s face it: you have a partner and you’re jealous of them, or maybe you are just curious.
You’ve been tempted, at least once, to check out a little bit that smartphone, left all alone just next to you.
But can you really spy WhatsApp conversations, find out what the people involved write, or even intercept WhatsApp text messages?
There are many ways to do it, despite the END-TO-END ENCRYPTION, introduced from the social in 2014, through the use of an encryption system that allows to encrypt the messages with the double key system, in order to prevent them from travelling as plaintext on the internet .
Needless to say that nobody can really feel safe from hackers and nosey people, who use spy apps or wireless sniffing.
The most important thing, which is worth clearing from the beginning, is that spying and butting in others conversations is considered a crime, and as such is punishable from the law, other than being disrespectful to the subject that you decided to spy.
Nevertheless, it’s a privacy abuse through and through.
Anyway, there are methods to access to WhatsApp conversations and today we are going to talk about them, in a way that, once you know them, you will learn how to protect yourselves from these hateful violations.

How to spy WhatsApp conversations

There are so many ways to get past the privacy limits of WhatsApp contacts, in order to access to the conversations and it’s possible to do it also through spy apps.
One of the most elaborated and used techniques to spy WhatsaApps data before the adoption of the end-to-end encryption system consisted in the wireless sniffing: which means to examine, using predisposed softwares, the wireless net, which is connected to the phone, so that you visualize every data that have been exchanged.

Google is full of tutorial to learn how to “sniff” data using wireless networks, and there are easily available softwares, also for free, that allow you to examine the data that travel around the web, but, we repeat it again, with the new encryption system used by the messaging app, it’s not an efficient system anymore.
Anyway, the most rapid and immediate method to do it is using only WhatsApp.
Let’s forget about the lame and evil method of snatching or taking possession of a cellphone in a moment while the other person is inattentive or absent, which can be easily hindered in cases when the phone is protected by password or PIN.

How to spy messages on WhatsApp using WhatsaApp Web

Let’s start with saying that WhatsApp Web is the browser version of the app, and thanks to this it’s possible to read others conversations behind their back.
You just need to open up Google Chrome through smartphone or PC, open the page, keep on with the QR Code scansion on the screen, take the smartphone of the person you want to spy, get in their Whatsapp account and select the option Web WhatsApp.
This System woks because WhatsaApp Web and WhatsApp work even though the phone and the PC are connected to different wireless nets, that’s why, even if the cellphone is far away from the PC, but it’s still connected to the internet through 3G or 4G, it is possible to continue accessing to WhatsApp Web and to the messages exchanged with the app in real time.
With the smartphone, you have to scan the QR Code and select Stay Connected.

How to spy cancelled WhatsApp messages

If you want to trace back to chats and WhatsApp media, cancelled on the smartphone, you must know that those file can be undeleted, even if the method is not that simple.
Indeed, it is necessary to use a software of data recovery to install, and wait for the download.
If you want to have more detailed info about the process, it will be enough fo you to read the guide of WhatsApp on how to delete deleted messages.

Spying WhatsApp messages with Storage usage

Another function of the app, useful for our goal, is the one that allows us to go back to sent and received messages and media, also if they’ve been dismissed.
This option works only for iOS users, and it has been done with the purpose of monitoring, statistically speaking, the traffic and the app, recording on a server the conversations on the chats.
You have to take the iPhone of the person you want to spy, go to Settings, access to Account and choose Storage Usage: than you’ll have the access to the list of the “closest friends”, which eans the contacts with whom you talk more frequently to.
In this way, you’ll have access to the info concerning the dimensions of the total traffic and the total amount of exchanged messages, incoming and outgoing, among recordings, texts, images, localisations, videos and contacts, while the VoIP traffic of every contact remains excluded, meaning of the made calls through WhatsApp.
It is interesting to know, also, that statistics cannot be reset and to keep the messages, but you can erase just the conversations.
Another little secret is that this system can be used, as well, to see the content of the new messages just received, but without activating the read receipts.

Intercepting WhatsApp with the cloning of the Mac address

Another technique consists in cloning the MAC address of the cellphone that you want to spy: the MAC address is a 12 digits code, identifying the network cards of the PC and of the devices capable of connecting to the Internet.
Using the dedicated apps, you can hide the MAC address of a phone and fool WhatsApp, making it believe that you’re using another phone.
It’s not a simple procedure and it takes time and a constant contact with the spied phone.

How to protect yourself from who wants to spy on you

In order to protect yourself from the people who want to spy on your conversations behind your back, you don’t necessarily need tricks or complex systems: it is sufficient to have common sense and be careful when you give your phone to someone else.
If you’re in doubt about the fact that you could be spied on through WhatsApp Web, you just need to go to WhatsApp Menu and select WhatsApp Web: if you can read “currently online” and the indications of the associated device, then you’ll have the confirmation that someone is actually reading real-time your conversations.
At this point, select Disconnect all the computer: doing so, the PC connected with your WhatsApp account will be disconnected and, in order to get connected again, the “spies” will have to scan your QR Code again.

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