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Spying on Facebook: app and tricks to get away with it

Many people wonder if it’s possible to spy on Facebook.

Facebook’s evolution led, over time, to the use of it also for everyday communications and because of this use, the modalities to spy on Facebook are catching more and more attention of its users.

Indeed, if before you accessed this social to share content and stay in touch with friends and acquaintances, today, thanks to the implementation of Messenger, is used more and more in the guise of an instant messaging app.

If you want to exchange a message with a friend of yours , a collegue, a relative or an acquaintance, you can easily use Facebook, which gives you the possibility to make also videocalls with other contacts, both individually and in groups.

So, its functions are more and more similar to WhatsApp’s, Telegram’s and other instant messagging apps!

If you want to know what are the tactics used by the hackers in order to spy on somebody’s profile and get their material, violating the user’s privacy, then you’re in the right place.

Cyber security, as a matter of fact, is always a sore subject, especially when we talk about social media.

The ways of using Facebook and related social networks are increasingly studied by hackers and cyber criminals, who have identified in them a convenient and fast source to have access to an incredible amount of information.

This purpose is achieved by these individuals thanks to the use of specifically designed spy apps, many of which are difficult to use and really expensive, so they are not within everyone’s reach.

As an alternative, it’s possible to use more accessible apps that, while being born for different and lawful purposes, such as anti theft or as parental control, for example, allow you to check accurately and meticulously the use that you make of social media.

Further more, there are also some specific techniques that hackers and cyber criminals use, which don’t require to download any app on the victim’s device.

Let’s see, then, what are the most used systems to spy on Facebook, without the knowledge of the victim.

Apps to spy on Facebook

The apps that allow to have access to conversations and communications made through Facebook from the cellphone are divided into professional apps and apps designed for parental control or anti theft.

To the first group belong all those apps designed to penetrate the private accounts of the users: among these, there are Droidsheep or iKeyMonitor, which have a difficulty and a higher cost.

The second group, however, includes those applications that, being born for lawful purposes, are bent to achieve illicit ends: these are easier to use and affordable for everyone, with the possibility of free evidence. These apps permit to keep under control the users’ activities on social media, such as mSpy, Facebook Password Decryptor, Qustodio and Cerberus.


When we talk about mSpy, we mean a spying app designed for Android and iOS, and specific for monitoring mobile devices in real time, available as a free trial basic version and a premium free trial, useable for 7 days.

The use of this app allows to carry out a control on the activities of the device of your children, of your company’s employees and your partner.

Depending on the version chosen, you can use the functions of the app for the 7-day trial, and after they expires, you can choose whether to uninstall the app or purchase the license of one, three or twelve months directly from the official website.
Once installed on the device you want to spy, the app starts to register the activities and to upload on the mSpy secret server the data collected, in order for you to access it through your mSpy online profile.

Facebook Password Decryptor

If your purpose is to trace back the owner’s device Facebook passwords, then the most suitable app is Facebook Password Decryptor.

This app permits to find out Facebook passwords from different browsers, such as Internet Explorer (v4.0 – v10.0), Firefox, Google Chrome, Chrome Canary/SXS, CoolNovo Browser, Opera Browser, Apple Safari, Flock Browser, Comodo Dragon Browser, SeaMonkey Browser, Paltalk Messenger, Miranda Messenger, as well as being compatible with all Microsoft operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 8 32 and 64bit.

Once you’ve downloaded the app from the official website, you click on Start Recovery to start scanning the information: when it finishes, you’ll view the data related to the Facebook account that you’re interested in, with relative passwords.


Qustodio is a perfect app for Android and iOS devices, born with the purpose of parental control and that allows you to control the use that your child makes of the mobile phone.

Through this, you can block inappropriate contents, manage time spent on the device, check downloaded apps and games and monitor the activities carried out on social networks.

It’s enough to install it on the mobile device of the person that you want to spy, by downloading it from the official website or from an app store.

In this way, you’ll be able to control and verify their Facebook movements and others, and to get a detailed report, by clicking on Social Activities.


Cerberus is an Android app, that allows to monitor from long distance the cellphone, in case of theft.

With Cerberus, you can locate the device, block it, erase its data, take pictures from long distance and do a complete backup of the files present on the device itself; in addition, yo’ll be able to make screenshots, videos and recordings of the screen, without the person that has it in their possession being able to suspect anything.

Techniques to spy on Facebook from the cellphone

If you don’t want to or can’t use the istallation of an app, you can use alternative methods, which we indicate below.

Social engineering

This technique permits to whoever wants to spy on a cellphone to take full possession of it, exploiting its owner’s distraction.

How? By borrowing the cellphone for an emergency call or to send an SMS, for instance, so that you can check the credentials of the owner’s Facebook account.

Moreover, it’s possible that the attacker also takes the opportunity to install on the device one of the spy app we have already talked about, so you can more easily control the social activities carried out on this.


Another system is to use a keylogger, which is a software that’s capable of record the words typed on the keyboards.

These software exist for both PC and smartphone and some even allow the hacker to act undisturbed remotely.

With this system, it is possible to take possession of the Facebook account credentials or to get the content of the sent texts via message or chat through this social.


Another techinque is called phishing: the hacker sends an email apparently from Facebook.

In this case, the victim is asked to provide their login credentials and to click on the link in the message.

It may seem a trivial trick, but there are many users that take the bait and, as a matter of fact, gives these cyber criminals full access to their Facebook profile.


Nevertheless, the most rapid method to spy Facebook is to do so trhough the ID, whixh means by obtaining the unique numerical sequence associated with a Facebook profile, simply knowing the URL.

That’s exactly how StalkFace and StalkScan work, two websites that allow to spy on a Facebook profile even without being friends, knowing only the associated ID.

Through this site and without the knowledge of the victim, it’s possible to trace back likes, comments, groups subscriptions, visited places and photos.

It’s enough to access to the official website, to insert the URL of the profile you want to spy on and start the search: the result will be the numerical sequence that indicates the ID of the selected profile, through which you can carry out a thorough check.

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