App Spia come trovarle ed eliminarle

Spy apps: how to detect and eliminate them

Unwanted spy apps on your phone? Don’t worry: they can be deleted!

During the digital Age and, especially, during the Age of the lack of trust and of the sensitive data trading, spy apps rule the world.
As spying on WhatsApp wasn’t enough, indeed, you should know that there’s the possibility to have full access to the phone of the person you’re interested in.
Obviously, the aim of these particular apps is totally understandable: these, in fact, were created for the parental control or to help the owners of the phones to track their devices, which can be really useful in cases of theft or burglary.
Nevertheless, these apps are also used in an inappropriate way, like spying on the partner’s phone or to access to sensitive data on others devices.

Spy softwares on the phone: what are they

The spy softwares, or spywares, are a particular type of app, a malware, that hide in the background and are able to monitor the navigation on the web, on the phone where they are installed, to record the respective activities and to send the info to an external subject.
This way, who controls the spy app has access to the messages, sent and received, incoming and outgoing calls, and the content of the chats on the social networks.
Basically, every data that goes through the under control device gets monitored and visualized.
They are actual spy apps, and most of the time, installed without the victims knowledge, and capable of actual attacks on the privacy of the person in question.
If you think that probably many of you have sensitive data on their phones, like for example in cases of the apps of your bank account, with the respective numbers of your credit cards, it’s easy to guess how having a spyware, installed on your phone, can be a threat that you cannot underestimate, and something you need to know how to protect yourself from.
A variant of the spywares are the keyloggers, a type of spyware that keep under control, intercept and gather all that is being typed on the phone keyboard. Always in a subtle and silent way, without giving any suspect to the user.

A spyware can operate on you phone in two ways:

  • When, during the navigation on some web sites, you accept to install determined and not safe plug-in;
  • When a person willingly install a spy app on your phone in order to monitor it.

How to detect a spyware on your mobile phone

It’s not easy to understand whether if your phone is monitored by a spy app or not, but there are some hints that may help us assuming its presence.
One way to do detect a spy app is noticing the sudden and repetitive showing up of advertising pop-ups, the presence of a toolbar, or extensions that you didn’t have, earlier on your phone.
A second way consists in noticing the constant verifying of errors or strange shutdowns.
Usually, these are the most common episodes that might get the victim suspicious, and make them doubting about the fact that there may be a spyware on their phone, which tends to slow down online navigation, and activities and actions started on your phone or device.

How to remove the spy app on Android

If you want to know how to remove a spy app from your cell phone, there are probably two options: you’re the subject that wanted to install the app to spy somebody else’s devices, or you’re the spyware’s victim.
If it’s the first case scenario and you want to remove the app that you have previously installed on the device, all you need to do will be to access to the control panel of the programs and to the corporate site that produced the spyware that you used: that’s where you’ll be able to find the info and the steps you have to follow, which may differ depending on the app itself, or the operative system.
Some monitoring apps, especially the most powerful and elaborated, give you the possibility to uninstall from long-distance, by sending an encrypted message to the monitored phone: the message automatically uninstalls the phone.
When instead you are the victim of a spy app and you have detected it, the process is a little bit more articulated, because you won’t have access to the control panel of the program.
Erasing a malware is not hard, though, so don’t panic because you can thoroughly remove it following two paths: to reset the device or to upload the operative system.
These systems permit to delete the unwanted app from your phone in a safe and efficient way.

Our recommendation is to do the backup of your data first, and then restore manually the app, the data and the softwares previously installed and necessary to the functioning of the device.

The reset of the device

The first possibility that you’ll have is to remove the spy software, resetting the device.
First, do the backup to save data and contents of your own interest, in order to avoid losing them
The reset is the safest way to remove spy programs and it is possible to carry it out on your on as well: access to the Settings menu, select Privacy and now Reset factory settings.
In order to reinstall the apps, proceed manually and reset the rest of the backup.

The updating of the operative system

The second method that you have to get rid of the spy app is to update the operative system of your device, after ensuring that your data are safe doing the backup.
If there’s no update available for your device, you can restore the previous version and then reinstall the more recent one.

The manual removal of the app

A third option would be the manual removal of the unwanted software.
In order to do that, you’ll have to access to the File System of the phone and cancel directly the software program.
This is definitely a more complicated and tricky system, compared to the previous ones, which requires the skill to recognize which file are necessary for the correct functioning of the phone and that, moreover, must not be deleted.

Removing a spy app on iPhone

If you have an iPhone, there’s a further way to eliminate the obtrusive app.
You’ll have to remove the jailbreak, updating the operative system.

The operation is not that complex and our suggestion is still to do the backup of your data on the phone.
Update your iOS through iTunes and remove the jailbreak, that you’ll be able to reinstall anyway once you’re sure that the malware has been removed from the iPhone.

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