Come trovare un cellulare

Locate a smartphone: how to do it?

You want to locate cellphones or other devices, but don’t know how?

If you have troubles locating smartphones, tablets or other devices, don’t worry: there are solutions for that, and some of them are extremely easy, also because they’re covered from the same phones, while others, we have to admit, require more effort and a major use of energy and time.
Nowadays, the reasons why we have the necessity to trace phones and devices can be so many, and go from the parental control demand, to thefts cases: your son or daughter has strange behaviours and you cannot understand why, and, asking a direct question, they seem to be too elusive or maybe you’re wondering around the city and, after a series of whereabouts through public transportations, locals and streets, you notice you don’t have your smartphone anymore.
We can’t exclude, nevertheless, the cases of jealous partners that want to locate the phone or the PC of their girlfriend or boyfriend to find their position: how do you think that so many clandestine couples of lovers are caught red-handed? If you want to avoid doing uncomfortable stakeouts and stalkings, the most rapid solution is to “follow” from long distance the cellphone, instead of doing it physically.
Anyway, who have really never lost something or forgot where they have put it?
For sure, when it’s about the phone, the situation is really unpleasant and delicate, as well. Especially, if we consider the quantity of data and information, also reserved, that we have on our mobile devices.
In short, despite how you want to use it, locating your phone or somebody else’s device is definitely a function that might come in handy, and something you should be well-conscious.
Before illustrating what tools are suitable to this aim, it’s important to remember how, especially in cases where you want to trace a device behind the owner’s back, you may face a serious violation of the privacy, and so punishable, also under criminal law.

How to track down an iPhone

As we’ve already said, before using more complex systems, the most rapid method to find your phone again is to operate with the options that the producer of the phone has offered.
In case you own an iPhone, you’ll have an easy life: the option Find My iPhone will make it easier for you.
Find my iPhone is the option programmed by Apple that allows you to track down your iPhone and to communicate with it, doing determined actions as well, even if it’s from long-distance.

How to proceed

To activate the option, go to Setting, select your name, go on iCloud and look for Find My iPhone.
Clicking, habilitate it and select Send last position: if the option is on, it’ll show where your phone is or, in case it’s off, it’ll show its last known location.
This way, connecting to iCloud website, you’ll be able to get back and identify your iPhone through any computer with an internet connection.

Now, it’ll be enough getting inside the website with you ID Apple, inserting your password, and language and time, if it’s the first time you get connected.
At this point, click on Find my iPhone, insert your password again, and click on Sign in to proceed.

Once you’ve signed in, a map will open up, and it will indicate the last position of all your Apple devices, including the actions that you’ll be able to do from your smartphone, but only if it’s on or connected to internet.

  • Here’s which actions you can do with remote control:
  • Doing a sound, so that if you lost it nearby, you’ll be able to find it again easily;
  • To set the misplaced mode, that makes visible a telephone number on the screen lock;
  • To boot iPhone, in order to delete every data on your device, even though, doing so, you won’t be able to use the option Find my iPhone anymore.

As an alternative, in cases when you can’t use the PC to find your iPhone, you might try to use another iPhone, or an iPad, but you would use an app to locate the phone, Find my iPhone, free of charge and can be downloaded in the a AppStore.

To locate an iPhone, without being detects, instead, you’ll have other possibilities beside Find my iPhone.


If you don’t know the ID Apple of the iPhone to control, then you can use Prey, a free app that will allow you to trace the phone of your interest.

Download the app on the phone you want to control, you’ll find it easily in the AppStore, register an account and log in, complete the form with the required information and select Create my new account.

After giving all the necessary permissions to the functioning of the app, complete the installation and hide its icon.
From now on, you can control the smartphone from the website, by accessing to your profile and selecting the desired device: this way, it’ll appear the map with its related position.

How to locate an Android phone position

If you have an Android, than you’ll have the chance to access to a service similar to the one offered by Apple to their users: Find my device by Google.
Through this tool, it’s possible to trace the last position of your mobile phone.
In order to do so, log into the Google service called Find my device and access with the details of your Google account.
If you want to track down the phone, it needs to be on, connected to internet and the GPS activated: it’s the only way, signing in to the service, for you to see the map that will indicate the last known location of the device.
You’ll also be able to visualise other info: if the phone is on, the battery level and the network it is connected to.

Moreover, it says the list of actions that you might use on the telephone, as well, such as:

  • To play audio, in order to make the smartphone ring for 5 minutes, even if it’s in silent mode;
  • To activate and reset, in order to set a lock code or to eliminate all data one the device.

Also in this case, it is possible to trace the phone using another one, if you don’t have the possibility to use a PC. We’re talking about Find my device, available for free on PlayStore.

If you want to access to the location of an Android device without being noticed, you have many possibilities.

Android Lost

It’s about an anti-theft app, created to trace and control from long-distance a device with Android operative system.
This option, as well, needs the phone to be on, connected to internet and with active GPS, therefore it’s important to know the Google details of the device you want to control.

How to proceed

Just install on the phone you want to trace the app Lost Android, launch it and click on Request Administrator Rights, confirm the permissions of access touching Activate administration app of this device.
Connect to the website related to the app, log in with the Gmail details already configured on the phone and click on Allow, giving the access permissions to the app.

The next step is hiding the app from the installed apps list on the phone, and you can do so by clicking on the Controls button of the website, go on Security and, in the following page, on Hide package.

Once you’ve done it, it is ready to be tracked by Android Lost, going into the site and selecting Controls and Basic, scroll down through the page until you find the Send Location button: click on it and, after a few moments, you’ll have the position of the phone on the map.


If you don’t know the Google details of the device, just opt for Cerberus, the anti-theft app to locate, block, make it ring and obtain the list of phone calls and messages, from long-distance as well.
It’s a paid app, but it’s possible to have a free trial for 7 days.

How to do it

Go to the website with the phone you want to control, and click on the Download icon “Disguised Version”, and so, difficult to recognize.

As an alternative, you can download the app from Google Play, following the standard Android procedure, even though, in this way, you won’t be able to hide the app on Android 8.0 and the following version.

After installing it, click on the Give permissions button and, in the further page, on Terminate, and then select Create Cerberus account.

Once you’ve filled out the form and completed the registration, swipe left twice and click on Enable device administration, and Activate administration app of this device.

Afterwards, it will appear the Cerberus dashboard , so click on Main Configuration, tick Hide in the apps list and Protect device administrator.

At this point, the setting is completed and you can locate the controlled phone in every moment.

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