App per spiare cellulare iphone e android

How to spy a cellphone: the best apps for Android and iOS

Have you ever wondered how to spy a cellphone?

Nowadays, the same technologies that allowed us to transform the communications and make them faster and more efficient, also led to a major exposition to new risks, and the research of the modes and techniques on how to spy a cellphone are the most  conducted on the web.

So, what do we mean when we talk about “new risks”: those who threat the privacy of every user, everyday, no one excluded, when this one can’t take care of their own data on the PC, smartphone and tablet.

But how to spy a cellphone? Is it really possible to do something like this?

The answer is obviously yes, and there are many applications developed over time to do so, and there are many uses that can be made of these as well.

Just think, for example, about some parents that want to keep an eye on their kids’ smartphones in order to keep them safe from potential threats, or about those employers that want to ensure the monitoring of the smartphone of their own employees, at least the company phones.

The magic world of technology allowed to find solutions to keep under control basically every aspect of a cellphone, starting from the location of the devices to the details of the incoming and outcoming calls, as well as the exchanged messages sent through apps of instant messenger.

In order to semplify the job, we thought about drawing up a well-designed list of those which, from oure point of view, are the best device-monitoring apps around, all of them with a really nice quality/price ratio.

We’ll give you a rapid overview of every one of these apps and all the necessary details to find your way around your choices, taking into account their features and their prices.


On the higher step of the podium, we find mSpy, which overcame and excelled in every comparison test with the other similar apps.

This app permits a full, complete and continuous tracking, without interruptions, on iPhones.

It has a simple interface to use and a rapid and efficient customer service, that allows to access to the chat in real time, with the possibility to talk directly with the assistance in case of problems with the app.

Once it’s installed on a smartphone, it’s possible to have access to all the data contained on it and to see them on the control board of mSpy like complete reports on the traffic and the reported data.

The app has been designed for parents who want to be sure of their children’s use of internet and smartphones, in order to protect them from potential abuses.

Among the most important functions of mSpy, there’s the control of the calls and the tracking of the location.

Indeed, through this, it’s possible to obtain a detailed register of the incoming and outcoming calls, with the history that indicates the date, time and associated numbers for every call.

The GPS tracking function, in fact, permits to know every single moment the real location of the device and the ones previously visited. An other fundamental thing is the possibility to activate this function just in some moments of the day, in order to prevent the battery from being exhausted too fast.

With mSpy it’s possible to monitor as well the content of instant messenger, in order to access to the exchanged messages through apps like WhatApp. even though being encrypted, mSpy allows to obtain a detailed report, with incoming and outcoming calls and the number of every contact.

A further interesting function is the one that permits to have access to the storage space of the monitored device, so it is possible to see documents or photos, videos and saved files on it and that are automatically downloaded on the dashboard, where you can watch them online or choose to download them on another device.

MSpy has also the keylogger function, which means it detects every pressed button on the device, uploading the details on the dashboard, in order to find the researches done on the internet, to trace back  the password or the content of the messages detected with the instant messenger services.

What really amaze us of this app is its capacity to do all of this without causing any suspect to the owner of the monitored cellphone, because it’s undetectable.


The Premium version of mSpy costs $52,49 per month, with the possibility to significantly reduce the price with its basic version for $22,49 per month, which, however, even though it’s suitable for who does a minimum monitoring, doesn’t include the registration of the buttons nor the control on the instant messenger services.


FlexiSPY is a very simple app to use and it’s a unique and comprehensive solution for every need of monitoring, designed to monitor your children or employees, giving access to a high-level tracking experience.

Here as well, there are a full localisation, the monitoring of the calls and SMS and, furthermore, the possiblity to take pictures from long-distance using the cam of the spyed cellphone, without mentioning that it can monitor instant messenger apps, such as WhatsApp,  Facebook, Snapchat and Viber.

It’s possible to record calls and listen to them in realtime, reporting the date, time and information of the contact in the Dashboard of FlexiSPY, where you can listen to, or download, the records made.

Beside accessing to the SMS, it is possible to trace back as well the ones cancelled by the user.

Anohter function that is worth using is the one for monitoring the apps, in order to see those taht are installed on the device and the events created on the calendar, but also the use of internet, with the access to the details of the navigation history.

To conclude the semplicity of this app, there’s also a function that permits to download it on the device from long-distance.


FlexiSPY offers a wide range of subscription options, that start from $68 per month for the Premium version, to $199 for three months, Extreme version, that gives the possibility to spy from long-distance and listen to the calls in real-time.


Another useful app to check your children from long distance without getting caught is KidLogger.

To instal the app, it’s required the free subscription on KidLogger’s website and to proceed with the download according to the operative system of the smartphone you want to monitor, by enabling the “Unknown Sources” directly from the device that is going to be spyed.

The app permits to monitor the visited websites and the used apps.

Nevertheless, it offers a function through which it’s possible to automatically capture the screenshots of the performed activities.


KidLogger is free, but if you want to get the advanced options, it’s suggested to pay a subscription to choose between:

  • Standard subscription for 9$ (3 months), 17$ (6 months) or 29$ (1 year), which allows the analysis of 5 different devices and a space on the server of 100 Mb;
  • Professional subscription for 29$ (3 months), 49$ (6 months) or 89$ (1 year), that allows the analysis of 10 devices and a space on the server of 500 Mb.
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