Registrare chiamate con il cellulare

How to record a call with the smartphone

How to record a call? There’s nothing easier!

If you’re reading this article because you’re curious to know how to record a call, then you’re in the right place.

Today, instead, we’ll deal with how to find the easiest and immediate ways to record a call with our own cellphones.

When we think about how to record a phone call, there are several options, but the one that looks like it’s less complicated requires the installation and the use of a specific app on the smartphone.

In fact, there are many different apps for mobile devices that can perform the functions of a call recorder, in order to allow you to save the content of your calls without any problem.

Let’s proceed in order, though.

First of all, to record a call can turn out to be useful in many occasions, especially if you think that, nowadays, the communications that goes through the mobile device are useable as evidence in a proceeding.

We’ve already talked about it,, it’s enough to remember that the mobile communications, from emails to sms, or instant messenger and calls, have all full legal value on trial, while, for what concerns the modalities of their introduction on trial, we send you back to our previous article, in order to get more information.

Now, let’s get back to business, and understand how to record a call with iPhone or an Android device.

In both cases, it is possible to use dedicated apps, but we could use different methods as well, such as the use of an external recorder that, though, no matter how useful it can be, is less practical, for sure.

Recording a call: is it a crime?

The judgment of the Court of Cassation n. 36747/2003 has confirmed that, whatever it’s the reason of the recording, whoever did it doesn’t incurr in any crime nor violation of the privacy, because they declared that the phonographic recording of a conversation from one of the interlocutors, even if the other party is not aware of it, is not considered a wiretap, given that it has been done by one of the participant of the communication and not by a third party, that’s interfering in a private matter.

As a matter of fact, it is clarified that the record done by a third party is illegal, except if they’re authorised by the judicial authority.

How to record a call: the useful apps

Apps for Android devices

Call Recorder

It’s a free downloadable app from the Play Store on Android devices, from the 4.0 version and so on.

The app will ask to the user the permissions that are necessary for the access to the microphone and the calls; then, in order to activate the recorder function, you have to go to the app and activate the option REC enabled.

In this way, the incoming and outgoing calls will be recorded and the file audio will be saved in the internal memory of the device.

Duriing the calling, there will be an item on the top bar , that will show to the user that the recording is on.

This app shows the possibility to save online the file audio through the cloud storage, using Google DRive as well.

For an experience that’s even more complete, it is possible to download as well the premium version of the app, Call Recorder Pro for 5,49€, that provides further functions.

ACR – Call recorder

It’s a free app, available in a premium version as well, for 1.99€.

This one also permits to record the incoming and outgoing calls, and to activate it, you just have to pen the app and to activate the recorder, by selecting the button from the lateral menu.

It’s a simple and intuitive system, easily useable even for the less experts.

Moreover, it’s possibile to modify the audio of the recordings as well with the app, by exporting a part of it and saving it in a separate file.

RMC – Android Call Recorder

This is a completely free app that works as well in the oldest and cheapest devices, even if might not guarantee a high recording quality on others.

Once the app is open, you have to give all the permissions if you want it to work, and click on the button of the menu with the three dashes that is at the top left of the screen, choosing Settings and pressing on Recording.

Tick the box Enable Service, if it’s not already selected, and from now on the app will record automatically all the calls.

Once ended the call, you’ll be able to listen to the recording again from the dedicated section of the app, by pressing on Not Organised of RMC: Android call Recorder.

Other methods

In addition to the apps mentioned above, there are others that are perfect for the recording of the calls on Android devices, such as:

  • Free automatic call recorder: another free app to record the calls for free and automatically is Call X, available as well in an extended version for 2,89€, without advertisings and with the possibility to sync the records with Google Drive and Dropbox;
  • Call recorder: perfect for automatic recordings of the incoming and outgoing calls on your smartphone; the premium version doesn’t have advertisings and it costs 0,99€ per month;
  • Cube ACR : this one records automatically all the calls, but the premium version, which costs 2,09€, provides some advanced functions, like the possibility to export the recordings as MP4 files;
  • Registratore di chiamate: it’s a call recorder and it starts automatically; in order to avoid the annoying advertisings, you just have to buy the partnership for the premium version for 1,19€ per month.

Apps for iPhone devices


For those who have an iPhone device, the best suggested app is TapeACall that, in the free version, permits to record the first minute of a conversation, while with the extended one, for 9,99€, it is possible to record any call.

You have to open the app, select the red circle-shaped item, choose Other call and digit the telephone number of the person you want to record.

When the user answer the phone, you need to press the button Join, in order to initiate the recording, while in order to end it, you just have to push the red button with the telephone drawing.

If it’s a riceved call, insteadd, you can initiate the recording after answering, by activating the app and pressing the red button in the middle, and then selecting the option Join, in order to start the recorder.

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