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Hiding chats on WhatsApp: let’s find out how!

Hiding WhatsApp’s chats is something that everyone needs, eventually.

It is not difficult to understand how to do so and, in fact, hiding WhatsApp’s chats is easier than you think and can be useful to hide private and personal messages from curious and prying eyes.

Let’s start with the fact that WhatsApp is the most used instant messenger app on smartphone and PC, from the Web version.

The counted users are more than 1 billion all over the world: an enormous popularity!

One of the most frequently asked question when we talk about instant messenger and, more specifically, about WhatsApp, it’s just how to hide the chats.

A rapid system, of course, can be to permanentely delete the conversations; however, we know that it’s a too definitive method, and that it doesn’t take into account that it might be necessary to keep alive and in the memory certain messages and conversations.

So, in this last case, the best solution is to keep them hidden from prying eyes, even if they’re saved in the memory and easily accessible from you.

How to hide WhatsApp’s chats

The methods to hide conversations on WhatsApp basically are divided in two big categories:

  • the ones that use the function Archieve Chat of the app;
  • the ones that use external apps.

Hiding conversations using Archieve Chat

In specific, we want to deal with how to hide the conversations using the functions put at the disposal from WhatsApp itself.

The function Archive Chat is present on the WhatsApp’s version of iOS and Android’s devices.

iOS devices

For what concerns the iOS iPhone devices, it’s enough to open WhatsApp, to go to the chat screen and to drag your finger to the left, on the contact whose conversation you want to dismiss. At this point, select Archive.

[come nascondere chat Whatsapp iOS]

In this way, the conversation selected will be hidden and it won’t appear on the opening screen of the main WhatsApp chats.

The chat won’t be deleted, but just shifted into the Archieved Chats folder, so it will be possible to move it again and easily to the main screen, by following the reversed process.

An alternative way to archive the chats is going to Settings, select Chat and then Archive all the Chats.

[come nascondere chat Whatsapp iOS]

In order to shift the chat from the archive and make it visible again on the main screen of WhatsApp, you  have to click at the botttom on Archieved Chats. At this point, the conversations will appear and you’ll be able to choose which ones to move to the main folder.

[come nascondere chat Whatsapp iOS]

Android devices

Instead, if your cellphone is Android, the procedure stays almost the same.

Open WhatsApp, keep pressed the contact that contains the conversations ypu want to hide, so to make a folder-shaped icon appear, containing an arrow (like the one in the picture below). Once you’ve clicked on it, the conversation will be archieved.

[come nascondere chat Whatsapp Android]

If you have the most recent WhatsApp version, you’ll be able to archieve even more chat simultaneously.

Also in this case, you can make the hidden and archieved chats visible again, by clicking below on Archieved Chats and selecting the conversations you want restore among the visible chats.

In this way, it will appear the button of the folder, this time with an arrow pointed upturn. Click on the button and the chat will be returned out of the chat’s section.

[come nascondere chat Whatsapp Android]

In order to archieve all the chats, instead, go to the main screen with the WhatsApp chats, press the button with the points at the top right and select Settings from the menu.

It will open a screen, inside of which you’ll have to go on Chat and then select Chat History and click on Archieve all the Chats. Confirm the operation by clicking on OK and that’s it!

[come nascondere chat Whatsapp Android]

In order to restore all the archieved chats, instead, go back to Settings, select Chat and Chat History and click on the item Unarchieve all the chats.

[come nascondere chat Whatsapp Android]

I mean, it’s a piece of cake, isn’t it?

What happens after you archieve the chat

By storing the chats, the result will be not seeing them anymore in the main screen of opening of WhatsApp among the others.

Nevertheless, if the contact or the contacts of the archieved chat send you a message, the chat will be automatically returned in the main screen.

This is inevitable, there aren’t settings to solve this problem.

The only possible solution is to block the contacts that could make the stored chat visible again.

The block is not possible for the groups, so, if you block a contact that writes as well in the group chat, you’ll continue seeing their messages, despite the block.

Hiding or blocking WhatsApp

Instead of archieving the discussions of WhatsApp, you can also choose to hide the icon of WhatsApp from the main menu.

On a Android device, this is possible if you use a launcher, which permits to hide the icons, or by setting up a dedicated app, but that’s possible only for devices that that have been under a root procedure.

If yours, instead, is a iOs device, you can have access to the function Restrictions or to a tweak from Cydia, available only on cellphones with a jailbreak procedure.

A valid alternative is to block the access to WhatsApp by setting up a password.

That is possible thanks to specific apps for Android or, in the case of an iPhone, you can use the function Usage Time of iOS or to do the jailbreak and to install a dedicated tweak.

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