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Cyber security: suggestions for the SME

How underestimated is cyber security in a company?

Very often, we don’t put enough attention on the cyber security matter, especially for what concerns the SME, small and medium enterprises.
Actually, this is a fundamental part, and functional to the running of an enterprise.
Why? Because it spares you from having privacy violations and information thefts problems, which would be damaging for every subject that works in the field and in touch with the public.
Nevertheless, having control over your data is a good sign also for those who are your potential clients: proving yourself capable of managing the safety of your information indicates that you’re reliable.
And this is something that counts, beside the field in which you operate.
So, if you’ve never done it, you must know that the cyber security, in the meaning of corporate information security, is a problem you need to deal with as soon as possible and a field whose development has to be monitored constantly.
A very popular target of the hackers has been the public administration, but the enterprises are the favourite one of the cyber pirates.
The reason why they do it is easy to guess: requests from the dark web.
Indeed, hacking the enterprises’ systems, these subjects search for the information that they could re-sell on the dark web and they get in possession of them as well.
Today, the cyber security is a theme that is getting more and more important, and the enterprises are becoming more aware of it.
Moreover, the introduction of the GDPR has made the subject even more crucial, and the eventuality of losses or data leaking have become a problem, dealt in a decisive way in many companies.
If you think about it, technology has developed til a real digital transformation: the perimeter of the data you want to protect is in a continuous expansion, especially if you consider the enormous quantity of data that is produced everyday.
Cloud, mobile devices, Internet of Things are all elements that have changed for the better the manner of working, but that have also increased the risk of frauds, criminal activities and data and information thefts.

How to protect ourselves

About this, the police and the intelligence are working on a system to prevent hacker’s attacks, but it’s not easy.
This job requires time and it’s complicated, without taking into account that, with the technology’s development, the threats for small and medium enterprises will increase: it won’t be just phishing and ransomwar, but they will also be the Internet of Things devices.
In this manner, the attacks of the hackers would aim to the direct control over the devices, putting the users at risk.
So, if you have a small or medium enterprise, you’ll need to do something in advance and in a independent way.

Cyber security expert

If we consider that, among small and medium enterprises, the amount of people that have given themselves a cyber security expert is less than it should be, it’s easy to understand why these companies are in the hackers’ viewfinder.
In companies’ structures of small dimension, indeed, it is very rare to find a a specialist in cyber security, inserted into the organization chart.
First of all, as a matter of fact, we suggest you to revise your organization chart and to insert a specialized officer: it will be him or her to teach to your employees as well how to behave.
In many cases, it’s not the hackers that are so good to open up you access door to your data: very often, this door is left open from the inside.
It’s about the behaviors of the employees themselves and through those, unconsciously, they expose the whole enterprise to the danger of the infiltration of external subjects.
Therefore, it is important to invest on their trainings.
Beside choosing an expert, it is a good idea to train your employees, in order to make them more aware of their behaviors and to avoid being an easy prey for the hackers.

To establish a plan

If it’s true that prevention is the first weapon in your favour, it’s also true that you must be prepared if this one won’t work and you’ll be victims of a hacker’s attack.

In that case, you’ll need to have a real plan to be implemented if there’s an attack, in order to answer to it and to restore the damaged situation.
This will contribute to minimize the attack’s impact.

To follow the GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the European Regulation about privacy, come into force in 2018.
The rules in it tell us how to limit the risks of cyber attacks and to reduce the external and internal dangers for the company.
Following and applying the rules of the GDPR is definitely a manner to contain the risks.

Updated Antivirus

A good shield against external threats can be the antivirus.
Having an antivirus that works in an efficient way is one of the best systems to protect your enterprise from threats and external attempts of reaching the company’s data.
In this way, it will be possible to find as well the presence of potential malware, that is to say those particular types of apps that hide in background, and through which it’s possible to monitor the navigation, register the activities and send the related information to the external subjects that installed the on your devices.


Doing a periodical and regular backup of the most relevant data is one of the first thing to do.
In this way, you’ll always have on hand your company’s data and, in cases of attacks, you’ll have at your disposal a copy of the related data of the clients, suppliers, business processes of the company.


With cloud computing, we mean that set of technologies which allow you to archive and/or elaborate data through the use of accessible resources on the net.

Thanks to its practicality, this system has spread immediately among the citizens, but also among enterprises and public administrations.
Nevertheless, it’s important to know how to manage it and to protect it the right way, so not to make it a fast lane for the hackers.


As we previously mentioned in many occasions, the encryption has a central role in the protection of privacy and in the secrecy of the data, especially when we talk about companies.
Getting an encryption system to encrypt messages and company’s communications, exchanged with suppliers and clients, will make your enterprise safer.
In this way, it won’t be possible to tap communications and, to decode them, it will be necessary having the encryption key.

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