Crypty Talk


With CRYPTY TALK APP, you can text and call in a truly secure way. The only app to communicate protected by a military security system.

Viste Crypty Secure App, Applicazione di Messaggistica criptata anti intercettazione

WHAT IS CrYpty Talk

Crypty Talk is a smartphone app, created by Crypty Secure sagl to communicate in a safe and anonymous way, directly from your mobile phone, protected from any kind of wiretap.
Crypty Talk una app contro le intercettazioni telefoniche, meglio dei telefoni criptati

Cloud Storage

No trace on your smartphone. No one single byte saved or downloaded on your device. All communications, calls, messages, files, ecc. are uploaded on your encrypted cloud storage, with the option to auto delete them with a timer for all your messages.
Crypty Talk chiamata multipla criptata anti intercettazioni

Multiple calls and encrypted messages.

A system for military level encryption, no wiretap to keep safe your communications.
Crypty Talk secure mode, come criptare un cellulare

Emergency Mode

The new system to protect your communications. Thanks to the CRYPTY TALK emergency mode you can set a timer to block the whole app when the configured countdown hit zero.
Crypty Talk lista contatti e chiamate per proteggerti dalle intercettazioni

VPN Protection

An additional security system, called VPN-tunnel, able to block any external intrusion attempt, protecting your communications. Furthermore, the VPN allows you to change your real geolocation position, making impossible to trace you.

Chose the right plan for you


91 mese
  • Messaggi
  • Chiamate
  • VPN
  • 2GB Cloud


90 mese
  • Messaggi
  • Chiamate
  • VPN
  • 10GB Cloud


91 mese
  • Messaggi
  • Chiamate
  • VPN
  • 20GB Cloud

We help you to protect your privacy

Crypty Talk is the only solution that protect the privacy of your communications, saving you from wiretap. Choose your plan or contact us for a customised solution for your business.

What has Crypty Talk regarding all other apps?

Military type cryptography
Emergency Mode
VPN Protection
Registration without
telephone number
10 GB of encrypted
No logs saved on server
No data sold to third parties and no user profile
Swiss Quality

Swiss quality

Crypty Talk it’s a product from Crypty Secure Sagl, a Swiss company, a nation recognized for precision, security and respect for privacy.

Customised plans for your business

Contact us and we will study the perfect solution for your needs.


We can manage dedicated plans for your company with isolated servers, dedicated just to your business.


Buy your dedicated cloud server instead use the shared one.

Guaranteed resources

Guaranteed resources, customised configurations, tailor made security policies, dedicated support.


Crypty Talk
  • Unlike telegram, wechat, whatsapp, Crypty Talk is anonymous, encrypted e tap-proof.
  • No logs, no files, chats and calls decryption.
  • NO backdoor in servers or softwares.
  • Absolutly. It is just thought for the privacy and has been designed for who wants to protect the privacy in a total and safe way.
  • Crypty Talk offer more products in one app: VPN (with an average fee of 100/120€ annually), cloud storage and calls/texts service.
  • All the free app, as the 2019 scandals have confirmed, can’t really protect your >strong>privacy.
  • Have you thought about “from where they do money?”. From the trading of your data, way of life, wiretap, ecc, to anyone that pay (governments, big data companies, ecc ecc). In 2019 facebook, whatsapp and many other admitted breaches, with important consequences for all of us.
  • All this problems with Crypty are gone, thanks to the highest standards of security and data encryption.