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Cellphone backup: why is it so important?

How many times have you done a backup? Never? That’s bad! Here’s explained the reason why, its utility and how to do it to protect your data


One of the most important procedure to do on a mobile device is the cellphone backup.

Why is it so crucial and what can happen without a periodic cellphone backup?

In fact, the “severity” of the consequences due to a failure to do backup varies depending on the importance of the information contained on your device, but you know, losing even only the photos of the last holidays is not pleasant, let alone seeing the most important data disappear!
In fact, given the use of mobile phones and other mobile devices, now become daily and increasingly crucial in the life of each of us, on a mobile phone are kept increasingly important data, the loss of which can be really a hateful event, if not even serious, in some cases.
Think, for example, about the possibility that a virus sneaks into your cell phone, making it unusable. In this case, you will be forced to format the device and this, most of the time, results in loss of data saved on it.

Again, it can happen that your phone breaks and its data is irrecoverable.

Maybe, you are not risking to lose your data, but you simply want to free and lighten up your device memory, in order to implement its performances, but in this case, why lose the deleted data? You can do a backup, so to free the memory, but to keep photos, videos and so on, apart.

In short, on these and other occasions, unless you already have access to them via a cloud or shared memory system, it may be useful to have a copy of your data on your mobile phone.
How is it possible to have it? Just with a cellphone backup.

This system, in fact, allows you to have a copy of all the data you want, so you can restore them later on your device or on a new device.

Running a cell backup is not difficult, it takes little time and it is recommended to dedicate to it periodically, so as to have an updated version of the most important data available on an external physical memory or cloud.

Let’s see how to do a backup and how often you should do it.

How to do a backup

Backup of photos and videos

We are all linked to the photos we take and the videos we record, from selfies to photos and videos of the most important moments and it is for this reason that having a copy more than the one on your phone can be useful.
Android and iOS systems provide automatic uploading to the cloud of images on your mobile phone, so you can access them at any time and from any device, connected from your personal account.
Android can count, in fact, on Google Photos, while for Mac and Apple users there is available iCloud.

Backup of WhatsApp’s chats

In many cases, through Whatsapp important information is exchanged, both personal and related to your work environment, that’s why making a backup of Whatsapp’s conversations can also be useful.

In order to do this, you need to access the app settings and set your preferred destination for saving conversations, for example you can opt for Google Drive.

In this case, however, the media files received and sent are saved in a folder on the mobile phone in use, so, in case of breakage, you may lose the copy.

Another possibility is to delete the media folder: in this way, the media files are lost, but at least the conversations in the text part remain, with the possibility of saving the most important files separately.

Contacts backup

Another useful element to save are the contacts in the address book.

You can also protect these and automatically.

In fact, for Android users, the saving takes place automatically by syncing the phone with the Gmail email account, while in the same way you can do it for iOS users through the iCloud system.

When to do a backup

As for the timing for a backup, these vary depending on the amount of data to be saved, but what matters is the frequency of execution.
In fact, the advice is to run it every time you have saved important data on your mobile phone or which you are interested in and do not want to lose.
In any case, make it a habit to run it at least once a month, so as to secure your data and always have an updated copy.
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