Come trovare una microspia in casa

Bug in the house? What’s that, how does it work and how to find it

Have you ever dealt with a bug?

Probably yes, but, if well-located, maybe you didn’t notice it: indeed, finding out having a bug, hidden somewhere, is an operation not exactly immediate.

After all, it’s still about devices of very small dimensions, which are used to spy on people, without risking that the subject could notice it.

But let’s start from the beginning.

What’s a bug

First of all and to be more precise, a bug is a mini electronic device , capable of capturing and controlling sounds and voices in a place, transmitting them throughout radio waves.

In that case, as well as the one of the encrypted phones, which we have previously talked about, the first use of radio frequencies bugs dates back to the period of time between the two World Wars; in particular, just before the boom of the World War 2.

During that time, the word “bug” was used too indicate devices that were not at all mini, but, on the contrary, they were very big, for instance, the radio.
It was about non mini devices, capable of transmitting, from not long distances, audio signals registered on a telephonic line or in a room, like voices, sounds or noises.

Today, when we talk about bugs, we refer to mini techno devices, so small that can be located in every kind of place or on other devices or supports, like smartphones, clothes, objects, PC.

Basically, you could fund a bug everywhere!.

The pros of bugs

Using a bug presents great advantages in terms of:

  • Dimensions, because it’s about highly miniaturized devices, and so they can be used in every context;
  • Easy to locate, thanks to their dimensions;
  • Fast utilise, because they’re hi-tech and very intuitive devices, which means that it’s really easy for us to use them and it’s not required any particular skill;
  • Accessible costs also for the most sophisticated, complex and functional ones;
  • Performance in unlimited transmission or of long-lasting one, in cases of batteries use.

How it works

These bugs work emitting electromagnetic radiations, that means radio waves on specific frequencies, and they are composed by a transmitter, which is a mini web charger or a mini-battery to fuel the circuits and to make them transmit the waves over the air, and by a receiver, a bock to locate in the neighborhood of of the bug, which could be as well connected to a register that is used to memorize data.

The most sophisticated models are the infinity microphones, made by a repeater on telephonic home line, GSM or via radio, that wiretap and capture the audio signals on the line, and then transmit them, also from great distance.
Speaking of signals transmitted via radio, the range of the bugs is non-limited and it changes also depending on the obstacles it could face in the meanwhile.
That is why they’re reach is variable, in consideration of different factors, and it oscillates from a few hundreds metres, if there are obstacles, to reach 500-1000 m, when ere are none.

Now, with the development of telecommunications and thanks to the GSM tech, the infinity bugs can operate on wide ranges, having, in fact, an unlimited reach.

Without considering that, beside implementing their functionality, autonomy and their dimensions, the other thing that has widely improved is the price of these devices, allowing us to purchase also e most elaborated technologies, at affordable prices.

How to find hidden bugs

If you have the suspect of being spied, we suggest you to go to expertise and qualified staff, in order to individuate potential environmental bugs.
Indeed, this way, you’ll be sure you can rely on equipment and professional tools, adapted to find them, like a bug detector.

Bug decontamination

Once you have individuated the presence of miniaturized devices it is possible, for every kind of bug to proceed with decontamination interventions on the private or working place.
It’s important to be sure that the decontamination has been done in an efficient way and thoroughly, by professionals that will make sure having individuated and removed every spying device installed and located in your house or your working place.

Bugs for cellphones

Also known as GSM bugs, the ones for cellphones are devices constituted by a GSM micro-transmitter with powerful amplified microphones, made for capturing conversations and sounds from the air where they’re located.

Through the use of their powerful and ultra sensitive spying microphones, and the use of the GSM network, the GSM bugs can capture sounds and noises, and transmit them to unlimited distance: in fact, there are no limits for it.
They operate through the continued electric charging, which guarantees them long-term and autonomy, almost unlimited.

In alternative, there are, as well, some GSM bugs, equipped with rechargeable battery, very long lasting.

To determine the efficiency of this type of bugs it’s their location, which needs to guarantee the correct functioning and a optimal audio reception.
That’s why, in fact, the locating of the GSM bugs is a delicate step: these will be located far from potential interferences, like radio, TV or other noise generators; moreover, e point of the installation has to be pondered and strategic, in order to allow to capture voices and sounds.

In addition to that, phone and smartphone bugs are provided of the VOX system as well, a function that allows the bug to call you back automatically on the cellphone, in cases of sounds and noises detection, in order to make you listen to it directly and immediately.

This is particularly useful because it will be that system itself to warn you when you’ll need to, sparing you the useless waiting, without receiving anything
Here are also GSM bugs that allow you to listing to everything that happens in the place where they’re hidden, making a simple call from any phone, also from hundreds and hundreds kilometres.

The call is made by the SIM number of the hidden GSM.
E cellphone bugs are produced now in every dimensions and of any lasting, therefore it’ll be easy to find the most suitable for you, based on your specific needs.

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