Chiamare con l'anonimo

Anonymous cell: how to hide the calling number

Have you ever thought about making a call anonymously?

It is a system that allows you to obscure the caller’s number, making anonymous mobile phone and mobile device used, so as to prevent the receiver from viewing it on their screen.

Is it a simple method, but is it really safe? Can you trace the obscured number and, if so, what are the means to do it?

To learn more about the possibility of locating the blacked-out number by requesting phone records, take a look here.

Let’s go in order and see first why you might want to make a phone call with the anonymous cell phone.

The reasons can be many and we hope that they are legal and not aimed at stalking or persecutory acts or threats.

Clarified this, the most common reason that drives a person to camouflage their cell phone number is to make a joke to friends, partners or relatives.

Another option may be to want to keep your number private when you use it for business purposes, so as not to “distribute” your private number to those who would use it to contact you outside of business hours or otherwise in an inappropriate way.

But how do you hide the number you’re calling from? There are several techniques to do this and as many to discover the number obscured, so be careful how you decide to use this tool.

Anonymous cellphone: how to obscure your number

In order to hide the caller number, it’s possible to rely on an anonymous call service: every service provider has it and there are no additional costs.

Anonymous with a code

The fastest way is to type the number to call preceded by a code, which is #31#: this way, the recipient of your call will not display your address, but the words “Unknown” or “Private number”.

This system works with any type of smartphone, Android or iPhone, and can be used to call with anonymous both fixed numbers and foreign numbers.

In any case, know that there are specific applications that block calls from unknown or private numbers, so if you call a number with the unknown and the line always falls, it’s likely that the recipient of your anonymous call is using one of these.

In this way, it’s possible to make anonymous calls also to foreign numbers, simply by putting the code before the foreign number to call.

Automatic anonymous

Alternatively, you can change your mobile phone settings to make anonymous calls automatically.

Anonymous from Android

From an Android device, start the dialer, which is the screen with the keypad to type the number to call, and click on the button with the three dots on the top right, go to Call Settings and on the screen that opens, go first to Calls and then to Other settings.

At this point, select the Caller ID and check the Hide Number option: from now on, calls that will start from your device will be automatically private.

To disable the setting, follow the reverse procedure, going to the dialer, to Settings, then to Calls and again to Other settings and set the Caller ID option to Default Network.

Anonymous from iPhone

If your device is an iPhone device, the procedure for making anonymous calls automatically is similar to that provided for Android smartphones.

Just go to the iOS Settings, click on the gray icon with the gears on the home screen and select Phone and then Show Caller ID, sorting on OFF the lever of the Show Caller ID option.

From now on, outgoing calls will be automatically made anonymously.

To restore the previous situation and make the number visible again, repeat the reverse process by moving the lever of the Show Caller ID option to ON.
In this way, by acting through the settings of the phone, Android or iPhone, you can make calls anonymously even to foreign numbers.

Anonymous from fixed number

You can also make anonymous calls from a fixed network, but in this case the number is hidden by typing a special code, to be placed before the number to call.

The code is *67# and allows you to make anonymous calls to fixed and mobile, even if it does not work with Vodafone’s fixed lines, for which the special code #31 is valid.

Anonymous cellphone: is it safe?

Calling a number with a stranger is a system that has very limited security.

In fact, the telephone operators know which lines a call starts from, not to mention that there are several methods to trace the obscured numbers and make them clear.

In addition, the judicial and public security authorities can easily trace the caller number, if requested.

How to trace back an anonymous number

A first system consists in using third-party apps, which use the call diversion technique and allow you to immediately verify the identity of the caller.

An example is Whooming, free in the basic version and suitable for all telephone operators.

You must create an account on the service and activate the call diversion on your phone to a numbering that is indicated during the subscription.

Another way is to use the Override service, made available by telephone operators: in this case, however, it is a paid service, which unmasks the real number of the caller.
Its costs are high and has a limited duration of time, we speak about 30 euros for 15 days.

The activation of the service is possible by registered A/ R to its operator, with attached your valid ID, or through the operator’s website, in the section dedicated to voice services, upon registration and/ or login to your account.

To find out the unknown number on your landline you can always use Whooming, although not all managers support call forwarding on busy.

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