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Android viruses: what are the most dangerous?

How many of you have an Android device? Probably, most of you, but do you know that you’re subject to a series of Android virus threats, created specifically?

Just to inform you and keep you safe from malwares and the most common Android viruses, we thought about giving you some advice.

First of all, malwares are one of the main threats for devices in general and it’s suggested, if not even necessary, to do 3 things, in order to protect yourselves from them:

  • to have a good virus defender on your smartphone or mobile device;
  • to download apps only from the official stores;
  • to intervene immediately in cases where your device has been infected.

Android viruses: what are they?

The most common and used viruses among the hackers, in order to access to mobile and fixed devices are malwares: it’s a malicious software, that the attacker upload in the violated operative system, putting at risk the safety of the device itself.

Through this system, indeed, they can infiltrate into pc, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and even smartwatches.

The aims can be many: from the theft of important data, such as those from credit cards, to the theft of the digital identity in order to carry out illecit actions, passing through the attempt to use certain services without paying for them, as in the case of an abusive access to a smart TV.

Basically, every online conncetion has the risk of being attacked by a virus, even if you’re just opening an email or downloading an infected app or surfing on a page that has a malware.

Sometimes, the dangerous apps are located inside of other apps; that’s why we suggest you to download them only from the official stores.

Nowadays, the mobile devices are the most attacked by the cybercriminals, as being the easiest preys, due to the lack of efficient antiviruses, the fact that the authorisations management system is very simple and the little attention to the daily downloaded apps and files.

Think that very often the owner of a tablet, a smartphone or other mobile devices is not even aware of the fact that their device has been infected!

How to understand if there’s an Android virus on your device

If you have doubts about having or not a virus on your device, just know that’s possible to be sure by verifying if there are some abnormalities or strange behaviours, that alter the performance of the device, even in a small part.

Among the most common indicators of a virus, there’s the wrong device functioning, a slow browsing, the receiving of an eccessive amount of ads, the sudden shutdown of the operative system, the increase of the device temperature, even when the programs are not open.

In other words, sometimes small signals are enough to spot the presence of a virus.

The most widespread malwares on Android

Google and its app developers make a huge effort to keep their users safe from the risk of a cyber attack, nevertheless there are so many Android apps that have hidden malwares inside.

The most widespread are:

  • the adwares, that show illecit ads;
  • the spywares, though which the hackers can spy on the user;
  • the worms, that destroy files;
  • the viruses, that directly affect the operative system code;
  • the trojans, that are one of the most dangerous, as they allow to get sensitive information from the device, such as credit card details or bank details.

In addition, other tools, such as cryptomining, have become increasingly popular in recent times, that is those instruments with which the calculation capabilities of their own device are used to mine the cryptocurrencies: in this way, the device performance drops until it becomes useless.

In the same way, we need to be careful with the ransomwares as well: through these, cybercriminals can block your smartphone and, after that, unlock it for ransom.

Another tool to protect yourself from are the keyloggers, which are some mechanisms that allow to their controller to know what keys the owner is typing, while the exploits even permit to infect a device and to take control of it. 

Most dangerous Android viruses

Everyday, cybercriminals develope viruses that are more and more dangerous, and that’s why updating our mobile device is absolutely the safest way to keep it properly protected.

Viruses that compromise the microphone

These viruses allow cybercriminals and hackers to spy on private conversations.

They are a kind of virus that’s strongly spreading, thanks to the increase of the amount of voice mails sent through instant messaging apps.

Many of them are capable of recording calls, take pictures and intercept text messages.

If you want to know how to verify if you’re phone is under control, we refer you to our article on the subject.

Viruses that compromise the battery

As already mentioned, some viruses attack the battery, in order to damage it and to completely discharge it.

In some cases, as what happened with Loapi, they can overheat the battery to the point of deforming it or even make it explode!

The malware called DrainerBot is similar, and it’s capable of consumming all the giga of the smartphone and of discharging the battery.

Viruses that compromise the main memory

This type of virus affects older and, therefore, more vulnerable devices.

This malware can infiltrate into the mobile devices, in order to take full control of them.

How to protect ourselves

In addition to the systems mentioned in our previous article on how to protect your Android device, there are additional solutions to protect yourself from malware and viruses.

First of all, the essential thing is to prevent any risk, so you don’t have to run into them later.

For this reason, we suggest to install a good antivirus and to update it by periodically scanning.

In most of the cases, it’s preferable to choose a paied version, because the protection level of the free versions is much lower.

Another warning is to avoid downloading apps from dubious sources and unofficial stores, maybe clicking on unverified links.

In addition, avoid touching images and ads, and be careful to scan the files before downloading them.

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